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Humpback mother and calf - swimming with whales in Tonga

Rates for 2017:

450TOP per person OR

400TOP per person if staying at The Beach House or Coral Cottage

(includes wetsuits, snorkel gear, lunch and water) 

4 people maximum on the boat (unless a family or group of friends)

Minimum boat hire 1000TOP 

In accordance with the Government of Tonga's Whale Watching and Swimming Regulations only 4 guests (plus the guide) are allowed in the water at one time.

This activity is not suitable for children under 5.

Swimming guests are required to be independent and confident in the water with a healthy level of fitness.

Our days are determined by the whale themselves and we will  only swim with them  if the skipper and guide decide their behaviour and conditions are right. 

Due to the unpredictable nature of wildlife, we can not guarantee interactions or sightings of the whales nor can we refund payment for these days.

To reserve  your place on our swimming with whales tours, please contact us including dates, number of people and your preferred accommodation.

You can also email us directly or 

Please note: We prioritise whale tour bookings for our in-house guests. Once our schedule is confirmed, we will open up spots to external bookings. Check with us for availability.

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