The Beach House, Coral Cottage, Fofoa Island, Vava'u, Tonga

We are based on the tropical island of Fofoa located within the Vava'u group, Kingdom of Tonga.  The island is a picturesque 40minute boat ride from the main town, Neiafu and we often spot whales and dolphins on the journey.

Most of our whale swim guests stay at The Beach House or Coral Cottage but we can also pick up from Neiafu, yacht anchorages or other resorts (dependent on availability). 

The 60 islands that make up the Vava'u group and its topography form a network of secluded bays and sheltered areas creating an ideal location for the whales to mate, give birth or just to hang out! It's this safe, easily accessible environment  and tropical waters that favours Vava'u over other places in the world to swim with whales.

Tonga is easy and cheap to get to from Australia and New Zealand. 

Pacific Blue and Air New Zealand fly direct to Nuku’alofa/Tongatapu  from Auckland and Sydney.  

Real Tonga is the domestic airline for your journey to Vava'u from Tongatapu OR

fly direct into Vava'u on a Wednesday or Saturday with Fiji Airways - a great connection from Europe, Asia or the US . Contact us  if you need help or advise with your travel arrangements. 

Even visiting Tonga is easy. You only need a valid passport and an onward ticket to be granted a tourist visa for 1 month upon arrival, but double-check with authorities prior to departure as rules can vary slightly for different countries.

Like all  remote destinations, we recommend all our guests buy good travel insurance for any unforeseen delays or changes to schedule.

"They are the original tropical island honeymooners!"

Glenn Edney

Humpback Whales of the South Pacific

Rates for 2021:

800TOP per person OR 750 TOP per person

(if staying at The Beach House or Coral Cottage)

Includes wetsuits, snorkel gear, snacks and water 

4 people maximum on the boat

(unless a family or group of friends)

2 people minimum

Exclusive boat hire 3750TOP 

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Shell Garden Ltd

Private Bag 31

Neiafu, Vava'u

Kingdom of Tonga

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