Each whale encounter is unique. Their behaviour, both above and below the surface determines our day. Whether whale watching from the boat or swimming with the whales you may see tail slapping, hear singing, marvel at their breaching or be observed yourself as they come close to investigate YOU!.

Rates for 2021:

800TOP per person OR 750 TOP per person

(if staying at The Beach House or Coral Cottage)

Includes wetsuits, snorkel gear, snacks and water 

4 people maximum on the boat

(unless a family or group of friends)

2 people minimum

Exclusive boat hire 3750TOP 

To convert to your local currency

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Contact us at : info@tongabeachhouse.com

OR want to speak to someone: 

Shell Garden Ltd

Private Bag 31

Neiafu, Vava'u

Kingdom of Tonga

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